Mickey Mouse birthday cake

Mickey Mouse birthday cake

After the success of the Moshi Monster Katsuma cake, my youngest nephew asked if he could have a Mickey Mouse cake. Now, as only Grandma’s Victoria sponge will do (I’m relegated to cupcake duty for birthdays), I rolled out a … Continue reading

Moshi Monster Katsuma birthday cake

Something a little different today. My nephew loves Moshi Monsters, especially Katsuma. It’s his birthday this week and he’s been asking for a Katsuma cake so I thought I’d give it a go!

He wants Grandma’s sponge cake with buttercream so I’ve built this on a disc of fondant to place on top of the cake. All of this is edible.

As it was my first proper attempt at working with fondant, I traced a picture of Katsuma onto grease proof paper and cut out all of the separate pieces, before rolling out the fondant and placing the shapes on top. I then cut around them with a sharp knife, but for the more intricate/smaller pieces a cocktail stick worked surprisingly well.

To secure the layered pieces I used a tiny bit of jam.

Let me know what you think!