Cooking Slimming World Sweet & Sour

As part of Global Week at Nottingham Trent Uni, at Fly FM we decided to film a cooking programme of international foods. My contribution was a slightly adapted version of Slimming World’s sweet and sour recipe. I added tinned pineapple which you would need to syn for, but without it it’s 1 syn per portion. Enjoy my many bemused facial expressions!


Vegan and Slimming World friendly coconut rice pudding


The creaminess of the pudding rice is enhanced by coconut milk, for a vegan, diet friendly dessert that feels decadent!

Throughout childhood, I had an allergy to cow’s milk. I grew out of it as I got older, but I still prefer to use non-dairy milk where I can because I don’t like the taste even now. If you follow Slimming World, the Healthy Choice A/HexA allowances for non-dairy milks are so much bigger as well! 1 litre of unsweetened almond milk, 400ml unsweetened soya milk, or 600ml of the coconut milk I used in this recipe, so a serving of this is entirely syn free if you use it as your Healthy A choice.

120g pudding/arborio rice.
800ml Alpro coconut milk (UHT or chilled).
Fresh or frozen fruit of your choice, I used frozen black forest berries.
Sweetener or truvia if desired.

This really couldn’t be simpler to make. On the hob, place the rice and coconut milk into a pot. Stir well, and gently bring to the boil.

Chop fruit of your choice, defrost frozen berries if required. (For Slimming World, if you cook the fruit it needs to be synned)

Simmer gently for 30-35 minutes, make sure that you stir regularly to prevent it from sticking. Cook slowly until all liquid is absorbed and the rice is cooked.

Spoon the fruit on top, and add sweetener or truvia if desired.

You could make this with hazelnut, almond or even chocolate soya milk for a cocoa hit. This made three large portions but would easily feed four, if you’re not greedy like me! I had some heated up for breakfast the following morning, it was a lovely alternative to porridge.

All change! Baking, university and Slimming World.


Today! is back after an inadvertent hiatus… I’ve still been baking and creating, I set up and ran my own sewing business, designing and handmaking bags and accessories, before returning to university at the grand old age of 29 to study Broadcast Journalism.

What with working from home and being busy, my weight went up to around 16st at my heaviest, due to a cycle of bed — desk — sewing table — bed again. Exercise was something other people did, and commuting 8 hours to an office in London occasionally meant poor diet choices too.



So here I am! December 28th 2015 I decided to throw away the Christmas chocolate and join Slimming World in Nottingham. 8 weeks later and I’ve lost 1 stone 6lb, I have a couple more stone to go but making progress with weekly losses. I cook most meals from scratch, so I’ll be posting Slimming World friendly recipes and creations on here.

The mulled wine crumble and cake recipes are still very popular so I will be leaving them up here, but they aren’t SW friendly I’m afraid! I’ll have a go at synning them at some point but you’d probably be better off avoiding.

I post everything I eat in a day over on Instagram, so if you’re looking for ideas then head over to

If you have any requests or questions please do get in touch!