Cakey Perry – Feast your eyes….

All photos by the supremely talented Miss Sammi Hills. You can find her on Twitter: here or on Flickr here!. Ms Hills is the blonde, I’m the ginger, and the lady in the blue is the superb Miss Cakehead, the brains behind the event.


Cakey Perry – Sugarcoma in 3, 2, 1…

As a lover of all things cake and confectionary I was delighted to be invited into the whimsical world of Cakey Perry,  an event described as ‘a high tea to melt your popsicle’,  by the creative mind of one Miss Cakehead. Joined by my photography partner in crime Ms Sammi Hills (whose pictures you will see hopefully next week), we arrived fashionably early – never late!- to Prangsta, a beautiful fancy dress shop in New Cross Gate.

Being greeted by a corseted lady on a trapeze is always a good start, before Miss Cakehead herself ushered us in with a glass of Todka, a smooth toffee flavoured vodka mixed with ginger beer. Resplendent in blue wig and some impressively glittery gold platforms with sweetie covered tights, the attention to detail is second to none.

Oh my…the cake. Everywhere. As far as the eye can see there is cake, scones, doughnuts, cake pops, macarons, and more. There’s even a table that has been painstakingly covered in love hearts. Vintage china sets off the theme, with gingerbread men raining from the ceiling alongside rainbow drop chandeliers.

This was no time for politeness, as we scuttled to a table and grabbed forks, poised at the ready to sample the baked delights. First up was a fabulous rainbow sponge by LESHIlovesCAKE. Unbelievably light and airy individual coloured layers, the sponge isn’t too sickly. Also by Leshie was a pink ‘doughnut’ sponge, also a victoria style sponge but with baby pink icing and miniature doughnuts around the edge. Next up was a Buttercream Bakery mini cupcake, complete with glittery blue Katy wig on top.

Now, I’ve heard many a person sing the praises of a light as air macaron, but I was yet to find one deserving of such praise. Until now that is. Wrapped in red tissue paper to resemble a quality street sweetie, this macaron was blood red, raspberry and chocolate flavoured. Soft but with the right amount of chewiness it wasn’t dry like some of the others I have tried.

A multi-coloured cakepop by Molly Bakes was last on the list of must-haves, again a success without being overly sweet, with the right amount of buttercream to cake and easy to eat (a god send if you’re messy like me). All of this was set to the soundtrack of a smartly dressed man playing keyboard versions of Katy Perry, and also Spice Girls at one point.

Definitely not an event for savoury lovers or dentists, but if you have a sweet tooth like me this was heaven.

Check back soon for some fabulous photos from Sammi Hills.