All change! Baking, university and Slimming World.


Today! is back after an inadvertent hiatus… I’ve still been baking and creating, I set up and ran my own sewing business, designing and handmaking bags and accessories, before returning to university at the grand old age of 29 to study Broadcast Journalism.

What with working from home and being busy, my weight went up to around 16st at my heaviest, due to a cycle of bed — desk — sewing table — bed again. Exercise was something other people did, and commuting 8 hours to an office in London occasionally meant poor diet choices too.



So here I am! December 28th 2015 I decided to throw away the Christmas chocolate and join Slimming World in Nottingham. 8 weeks later and I’ve lost 1 stone 6lb, I have a couple more stone to go but making progress with weekly losses. I cook most meals from scratch, so I’ll be posting Slimming World friendly recipes and creations on here.

The mulled wine crumble and cake recipes are still very popular so I will be leaving them up here, but they aren’t SW friendly I’m afraid! I’ll have a go at synning them at some point but you’d probably be better off avoiding.

I post everything I eat in a day over on Instagram, so if you’re looking for ideas then head over to

If you have any requests or questions please do get in touch!