Mickey Mouse birthday cake


After the success of the Moshi Monster Katsuma cake, my youngest nephew asked if he could have a Mickey Mouse cake. Now, as only Grandma’s Victoria sponge will do (I’m relegated to cupcake duty for birthdays), I rolled out a disc of fondant icing to size so it could be placed on top of the cake on the day.

This is ideal for if you prefer buttercream but would like detailed decorations, as you can ice the whole cake with buttercream then add the disc on top.

Once again I rolled out the fondant in each colour (I buy pre-coloured fondant and sugar paste but you can colour your own too.) and built it up slowly, using a tiny bit of jam to secure the layers.

If you’re not feeling confident, a good way of doing it is printing out a photo you want to work from, and tracing the separate bits on greaseproof paper, then laying it over the rolled out fondant and cutting around for accuracy (for example, cut out the black for Mickey’s mouth, then his tongue separately on red icing, then stick them on top of each other).

If you’re brave though you don’t need the greaseproof and can cut out shapes freehand.

I’d love to see your creations! This was my second ever attempt at cake decorating properly, so hopefully I’ll improve!


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